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Hi, I'm Sarah!
— An art director and designer working in the beautiful city of Toronto. I'm a visual story-teller and passionate design thinker. I love to working with people, creating beautiful solutions for unique challenges. Ideas drive me, style inspires me. And I love a good story. So, what's yours?

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Innovation Days

branding / logo / print / poster / signage

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  • innovation days
  • innovation days
  • innovation days
  • innovation days
  • innovation days
  • innovation days
Celebrating innovation around the globe, the World Bank hosted a conference showcasing the diverse projects each of their offices are leading. I was commissioned to art directing and designing the visual identity and complete communication designs that brought together the international network together. The challenge was to create a brand that was universal in order to harmoniously weave the diversity of each office together.

My deliverables: Creative direction, design, production management

Design Thinking for Strategic Innovation

book / print / publishing / illustration / typography

A cover to cover project for a publihed book on global shelves. I worked very closely with the author so that the design of the book reflected and communicated the complex ideas of designing thinking in strategic innovation. The illustrations, photo art and custom typography was done by me.

My deliverables: Creative direction, design, typography, illustrations, production management

Dentistry on University

branding / corporate identity / stationery design / web / print

A branding project for a brand new dentistry that opened in the heart of downtown Toronto. The brand needed to reflect the high-quality services and their high-end clientele.

My deliverables: Creative direction, design, typography, production management


editorial / branding / print / illustration / publishing

An editorial for a food community exploring everything that has to do with food - food science, travel, marketing and social network. My role was art direction, design and illustration (and everything in between.)

My deliverables: Creative direction, design, typography, photography art direction, illustration, production management

Campaign Design

branding / print / typography / layout / creativity

A showcase of a few campaign collateral design work I've done. A newsletter for the Rotman School of Business, showing the progress and growth of the campaign for their new building. Part of a monumental intiative to raise financial contributions for the construction of the new SickKids Research Tower, this brochure was designed to provide information about the organization and the campaign. And extensive LCBO campaign work, including printed pieces, packaging and web.

My deliverables: Design, typography, production management

Website Redesign

web / interactive / ux / front-end design

A showcase of re-design projects for two websites. For both infomart.ca and embedded.com, our goal was to create user-friendly and elegant interactions for very heavy and complicated content. They were both websites for delivering a plethora of information, in which the successful website could comb through and channel content that the user was searching for. The result was stream-lined and efficient information architecture paired with elegant and modern design.

My deliverables: Design, typography, information/data design

MISC Magazine Special Features

editorial / print / publishing

As a designer at Idea Couture, I designed a couple of special feature articles for MISC magazine - a global design thinking magazine. I was able to work closely with the editor and produce compelling editorial.

My deliverables: Art direction, typography, illustration

Website design Gallery

web / interactive / art direction / ux / front-end coding / wireframing

A gallery of various web site and interactive projects, commissioned for both design and programming/development.

My deliverables: Art direction, design, coding (html + css + javascript), illustration


branding / logo design / typography

An exhibit of various logos I was commissioned to design.

My deliverables: Creative direction, design, typography

About Sarah Chung

graphic designer / art director / photographer / baker / foodie / blogger / writer / musician / teacher / learner

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To be honest, I feel very lucky to be a designer.

I love that I can communicate and problem-solve in a visual way. Ideas drive me, design inspires me. I'm always searching for new and creative ways to tell a message, whatever platform it may be. I understand that design is not only a true craft, but a cultural currency and a powerful tool and will always think about the 'why' as much as the 'how.' Also, I've got a special reverence for good typography.

Not only that, I love working with people. I'm so grateful for the invaluable experiences working with people from all sorts of backgrounds: strategists, anthropologists, information architects, writers and artists. I love the challenge of big expectations and tight deadlines. And I'd say my greatest strength is probably my positivity and passion, along with my sturdy work ethic.

My list of passions goes on and on: photography, food, blogging, writing, music, travelling and community outreach. I'm also constantly hungry to learn more (I finished courses on web and UI design in addition to my Bachelor of Design). One of my life goals is to work with youth and teach them about art and design.

I promise myself to always appreciate the beautiful and good things around me and never back down from a challenge.

/ Bachelor of design at York/Sheridan (YSDN) 2009
/ Adobe CS6 Fluent: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign on Mac + Windows platforms
/ Diverse design experience: Print, interactive, corporate, branding, retail, book, packaging, editorial, promotional and web design
/ Web + UI savvy: HTML, CSS, JS / Basic front-end developing skills
/ Print expert: Type-setting, prepress, production, and press management
/ Team player: Excellent time management, interpersonal and communication skills. Bright, fun, and confident.

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